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Your local Indiana farmers market has what's in season. Why buy your product at a farmers market? Indiana produce is grown on local farms during all seasons of the year, so there's always something new to discover --- plus it's often at its freshest and best tasting! Buying from local producers supports your community and offers you an ever-changing selection. Find your favorites!



May to July

At their peak, strawberries will look shiny and bright red, with stems that are attached and green.


June to July

Choose cherries that are large, firm, bright and shiny with green stems. Darker red or yellow cherries will be sweeter than smaller sour cherries.


June to September

Look for yellow, firm, and fuzzy peaches that have some give with gentle pressure. Inspect at the bottom of a peach for its color, and avoid blemished peaches.


June to September

Ripe raspberries should have a slight firmness when touched, and should not be soft or mushy. Choose ones that are plump and deep in color.


June to September

Choose berries that are firm and without bruising, damage or leaks.


July to October

Select a cantaloupe that is fragrant and has a cream or yellowish undertone between the pattern on the skin.


July to October

Pick a watermelon with a yellowish spot where the melon has rested on the ground and seems heavy for its size.


July to October

Choose apples with a fresh scent, intact stems, and firm, shiny and smooth skin.


October to February

Look for plump persimmons with smooth, shiny, orange skin free of cracks or blemishes.



January to December

Choose firm, smooth, brightly colored radishes. If the tops are attached, they should be green and fresh.


April to June

Choose medium-size, bright green, firm pods with no sign of wilting or decay.


April to June

Look for bright green asparagus. The stems should be crisp and firm and should snap (not bend) when bent. Look for dark green spear tips that have a hint of purple, which shows freshness.


May to June

Look for cauliflower with bright green leaves. The curds (the head) should be brightly colored and compact.


May to October

Look for dark green bunches that have no yellowing or odor. Floret leaves should be evenly colored with no wilting. Avoid thick, fat, or woody stalks.


May to October

Find tomatoes with firm, shiny skin, but avoid tomatoes with breaks in the skin or bruises.


May to November

Purchase beets that still have the leaf stems attached. Look for small beets with firm, blemish-free skin and that have bright green leaves that are not wilting.


June to September

Peppers should be firm, and the stem should be fresh and green. Avoid peppers with wrinkles, black spots, or cuts.


July to September

Look for fresh, green husks that are insect-free. If the kernels are visible, make sure they are plump.


July to October

Pick potatoes that are about the same size, and that are firm, dry, and clean.


July to November

Select firm dry onions that have little to no scent. Avoid bulbs with blemishes, cuts, or bruises.


July to November

Carrots should be firm, evenly shaped, and smooth with a bright skin color. Avoid carrots that are cracked, rough, shriveled, or green at the top.


September to October

Look for pumpkins that are deep orange and heavy for their size. Avoid pumpkins that are soft, cut, or bruised.

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